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"When you get, give. When you learn, teach"

Dr Maya Angelou

Living a life jam-packed full of playful creativity, learning, singing and loving conscious connection with others is what really tickles my pickle. I am essentially a singer, self-development nerd and green witch all rolled into one, and I'm passionate about being in loving service to others as a self-expression coach.

I currently live in leafy South East London with my divine feline Gizmo, and love to get out into the wilds as often as I can. My musical soul leads me in all sorts of wonderful directions, and I love to dance between the Worlds of the London classical music scene, foot-stomping folk tunes and heartfelt community music making. 

I am an active and passionate LGBTQIA+ ally and conscious sexuality advocate, and the spaces I create and courses I deliver are in alignment with those values. It's really important to me to live in integrity and walk my talk. 


Becoming a coach myself, and holding space for others to work at their growing edge, has allowed me to step even more fully into my purpose and my gifts. I am a sensitive and intuitive being who loves to notice detail, and I adore listening to and cheerleading others. I qualified as a person-centred Transformational Life Coach with Animas Centre for Coaching in February 2017, and since then have been growing and nuancing my own practice. It is a pleasure and privilege for me to hold space for my clients - to bear witness to their challenges and triumphs, teach them some tried and tested tools where desired, and to lovingly hold up a mirror for them to see themselves and their patterns more clearly. 


Before I began my own healing journey back in 2010, I was working as a classical singer with a healthcare science locum job on the side. I was successful and very privileged in many ways, but I struggled with imposter syndrome, a very loud inner critic (not helpful when you're singing to hundreds of people) and knowing how to identify and communicate my boundaries so I could show up honestly and openly in my relationships. Over the course of the last decade, I have undergone a deep and transformative healing process, working with inspiring, highly skilled and deeply loving practitioners. I have learned the magnificent gifts of speaking my truth, self-acceptance, self-care and radical self-responsibility, and those threads are now woven through the fabric of my life and my work. 

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